Nov 17 2016

I Heart Berlin: Experience the Berlin Wall as a Virtual Reality Tour

Have you ever wished you could travel back in time and experience different eras in history, that have always fascinated you and you have been constantly watching films or reading books about? Well, this tour will definitely satisfy your wishful thinking. Read More…

Nov 8 2016

La Stampa: Il Muro di Berlino ricostruito con la realtà virtuale

A 27 anni dalla caduta del confine fra Est e Ovest, una startup offre tour virtuali che mostrano il Muro e le zone circostanti così com’erano negli anni ’60, ’70 e ’80. Mi trovo all’incrocio fra Bernauer Straße e Read More…



Nov 8 2016

Posted by Awesome Berlin

The Virtual Reality Tour (in 3 different time periods!!!) is an increadible way to experience the Berlin Wall. We have…

Posted by Awesome Berlin on Tuesday, November 8, 2016